The Icelandic Lawyers’ Association is an interest-based association which aims to promote solidarity among Icelandic lawyers and to protect the interests of the legal profession.

Founded in 1958, the Association now encompasses seven interest groups or divisions open to members free of charge. See further info

The Office

The offices of the Icelandic Lawyers’ Association are located at 9 Álftamýri, Reykjavík, and are open Monday–Friday, 9.00–12.00. For further information on the Association’s activities, please feel welcome to contact us. The Association’s e-mail address is

Manager is Mrs. Margrét Hauksdóttir, lawyer.

The Tímarit Lögfræðinga Law Review

The Icelandic Lawyers’ Association publishes The Tímarit Lögfræðinga Law Review, a journal providing an Icelandic forum for legal scholarship since 1951. The journal is published quarterly, both in print and online. Further information here

Seminars, visits, and conferences

The Association keeps its members abreast of most events held in the field of Icelandic law. The Association conducts wintertime seminars and annually organises, in collaboration with the Icelandic Bar Association and the Icelandic Judges’ Association, the Icelandic Law Day (Lagadagurinn), a highlight of the Icelandic legal profession’s year. The Icelandic Lawyers’ Association also organises visits to businesses and institutions.

Educational excursions

Every second year since 1999, the Association has organised highly popular educational excursions. Destinations have included China, Russia, the United States, Cuba, South Africa, India, France, the Faroe Islands, Argentina, Georgia, and Morocco. 

Legal history excursions

The Association has arranged excursions exploring scenes of Icelandic legal history, including a visit to the place where capital punishment was carried out for the final time in Iceland, as well as a tour of the setting of the Sjöundá criminal case.

Divisions and interest groups within the Icelandic Lawyers´Association

Within the Icelandic Lawyers´Association members may join various interest groups or divisions free of charge.

Annual fees

The Icelandic Lawyers’ Association has around 1400 members. The membership fee has remained modest and is currently set at ISK 5,900.

Members enjoy discounted rates for seminars and subscriptions to the Tímarit Lögfræðinga Law Review. They are also entitled to discounted admission to Icelandic Law Day events and receive a 10% discount on classes held by the Icelandic Bar Association.